Farewell and Greetings

We spent six years working on our little urban homestead in Mount Vernon, Iowa. With much emotion, we said farewell in July of 2013 and moved to our new home in Northfield, Minnesota. After the dust settled, we started to transform our new yard into something that would be more sustainable for our lifestyle.

Our immediate wishlist included a chicken coop, temporary compost bin, and raised bed – by harvest 2014, we’d had those set up. Now it’s the beginning of the growing season here in Minnesota, and we’re ready to get serious. Greetings and welcome to Growing to Ground, our modest journal of our recent seedling urban homestead.


  1. LuAnn
    Jun 1, 2015

    looking forward tothis

  2. tiffany
    Jun 2, 2015

    That’s a big move! Kids all settled in? How are you?

    • Jen
      Jun 2, 2015

      We are doing pretty good, Tiffany! We still have a few lingering boxes here and there, but it’s been almost two years, so I don’t really have an excuse anymore. I suppose I could say that I was pregnant the first year, had an emergency c-section, and then started a full-time job in the evenings on top of homeschooling during the day… And those ARE excuses, but I’m not sure that they are great ones. 😉

      The kids have adjusted, but it definitely took awhile. We’re all still looking for friends!

      How are you?

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