Garden Helpers


I was digging in some day lilies I’d received from Freecycle, and it was taking some effort due to the clay content in our soil. After a few grunts and an arm slung across my forehead wiping the sweat away from my eyes, I glanced up to see this:


I’ve been very fortunate to have my helpers out in the garden (especially the Bigs – not pictured in this post). They run and grab me tools or help me move plants.

Gabe with Shovel

Sometimes they sling a little mud here or there. I don’t mind. Some doctors and academics suggest a little dirt is good for their immune system, and some suggest that a lot of dirt is good.

 The results so far suggest that simply inhaling M. vaccae—you get a dose just by taking a walk in the wild or rooting around in the garden—could help elicit a jolly state of mind. “You can also ingest mycobacteria either through water sources or through eating plants—lettuce that you pick from the garden, or carrots,” Lowry says.

Is Dirt the New Prozac?” by Josie Glausiusz [Discover Magazine]


I will admit that upon gazing at my one year old, I did let out a small gasp. We grabbed the hose and gently washed off most of the mud, undressed him in the middle of the yard, and in he went for a bath.


We’re those people with naked babies in their front yard.


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