Eggs, eggs, and more eggs

It’s the time of year where we don’t really have a lot going on outside, and things have been at a lull inside, too.

The ladies don’t seem to mind the falling snow. #hens #chickens #growingtoground

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In the autumn, we turn on a light for our chickens to keep them laying awhile longer. At the winter solstice, we shut the light off to give them a break until spring naturally gets them all wound up again. We’ve typically been getting between 5-6 eggs everyday from our six hens, but this week our count is down. We have gotten 30 eggs so far this year, or a little under four eggs a day. That’s okay, though. I know how I felt when I finally stopped nursing: relieved because I was so worn out – and sad, too. Luckily these ladies will be back to making delicious, deep-orange-yolked, thick-shelled eggs for me very soon. I’m not sure if they enjoy it as much as I do.

Went to grab the #eggs and Buffy gave me an evil eye. #growingtoground #chickens #hens

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Next week I am hoping to also get some sprouts going to add to salads and fried eggs (yum!). I’m going to count that as indoor gardening. 🙂

January 1 – January 8: Harvest Count

  • 30 eggs

Year To Date Total

  • 30 eggs (Phew, that was easy. No math involved.)

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  1. Fresh eggs are the best. Our city doesn’t allow chickens–we don’t really have space anyway. If I was out of town, I’d have chickens. Grew up on a farm and collecting the eggs was one of my chores. Love the variety of colors you have in the eggs. We mostly had brown and white although we’d keep a few around that laid light blue or light green.

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