Harvest Count: January – May 2016

This is a really irregular time to be updating our harvest count… On a Tuesday, one day shy of five months after the last one. All I can say is life is hectic and chaotic and crazy over here. If you get a moment on a Monday night to schedule a post, you grab it with all twenty of your fingers and toes and hold on for dear life. It’s also pretty abrupt. Sorry for the lack of verbal poetry. Forgive me.

As a reminder, we have six lovely hens. I will try to remember to write a post here soon with pictures introducing them. In December on the Winter Solstice, we shut off the light we turn on during the autumn months to keep them laying a little longer. This gives them a little break right at the start of the new year before spring comes and gets their egg-laying engines going again. We experienced quite a dip, in February and March, but things began to pick up again the week of April 18th.

Harvest Count by Month


123 eggs


93 eggs


74 eggs


79 eggs


97 eggs

Year-To-Date Harvest Count as of May 31

Chicken Eggs: 466

Year-to-Date Price Estimate

Eggs. Our chickens are fed laying rations and food scraps. They go out in the run and peck at bugs and greenery we throw in there. We price their eggs at about $3/dozen since their feed is not organic. That is $1,398 in eggs so far this year (although we eat most of our profits ;). We were lucky enough to source a bunch of wood shavings for free to use for bedding as well as shredded newspaper, and in laying rations we’ve spent $80.47 so far this year. I’m not sure how much on electricity to keep the coop a little warmer and keep their water liquid. I would estimate we’re still very far ahead, though. Also not considered is the cost we paid to retrofit the garden shed into a coop, but all-in-all we kept those costs pretty low, too.

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